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Episode 14 – Proper Operation Straight to Amp

We rang in the new year by sitting down with Jordan and Rene from Proper Operation.  Find'em & follow them on: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp
  1. Episode 14 – Proper Operation
  2. Episode 13 – Atlaas
  3. Episode 12 – Fozzy
  4. Episode 11 – Ex Omerta
  5. Episode 10 – House Handshake

Straight to Amp Posts

Rayannah – Just the Two of Us (Living Room Sessions)

I hope everyone got to spend this chilly weekend cozy in their living rooms relaxing a little. This video is leaking cozy, so grab a good pair of headphones and take a moment to enjoy.

Lazy Sunday Playlists (Sept 2019)

Happy Sunday ya’ll. I’ve got a fresh mix-up of songs (by Manitoban artists) packaged up for you in a YouTube playlist. Throw on some good headphones (or whatever you have) and enjoy.

Lazy Sunday Playlist – February 2019

Happy Sunday. While this winter has felt like one icy punch to the gut after another, we’ve been keeping toasty with all of the new tunes that have been released recently.

Episode 13 – Atlaas

We’re joined by the charming Heather Thomas of Atlaas and chit-chat about summer festivals, growing up with music and their self-titled album. Listen to the episode here

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