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A Contractual Approach to Collaboration The MOWO Show Podcast

In this episode, Ryan and Alex discuss the idea of "Collaboration Contracts", written agreements between you and your colleagues on how to collaborate at work.   The Collaboration Contract by Loryan Strant and Susan Hanley: click here to read the full article on Sway. ———————————– REGISTER FOR OUR UPCOMING WEBINARS:  MOWO LIVE Webinar Series Schedule ( WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW?  Click here to register as a guest FOLLOW US: On YouTube… Modern Workplace by Clear Concepts… Modern Workplace on Twitter… Clear Concepts on Instagram. Our Hosts: Alex Henry & Ryan Bialek
  1. A Contractual Approach to Collaboration
  2. A Steaming Pile of Stream
  3. Spam'n Eggs
  4. Turnover with the Times
  5. The Great Digital Transformation Divide

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