An update of sorts

So I’ve (finally) buckled down and finished a major flip for this site. Formally, this site has now become my personal portfolio for some of my past and future projects.

While I’ve never been terrific at posting here on a consistent basis, I will do my best to keep it updated as life allows.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Anatomy of a Trello Card

Looking for a less-than-useful graphic on Trello cards? You’re in the right place.

I’ve been on and off with Trello for years now. More off years lately, so a lot of the changes made since being acquired by Atlassian in 2017 are a bit strange to me.

The updates aren’t all bad, in fact all of Trello feels faster and more solid than ever.

Why did I fall off using Trello if I still enjoy it? Among other reasons, I never found it to be the right tool for my personal needs. After blowing out entire boards and “resetting” multiple times, I was having no luck finding a system that I actually like.

I still use it with my partner for some shared stuff, but I’m slowly migrating that out of Trello too.

It’s not a “goodbye” to Trello, but more of “let’s just be friends” kind of move.

Lazy Sunday Playlists – 2

For something a little different here, how about some music? Starting now, and for each following week in 2019, I’m going to post a set of eight tracks from different Manitoban artists here.

Of course, there is no magic or technical process that goes into these picks. I simply like them. And if you happen to like them too, consider sending the artist some love.

Here are eight of my favorites that I’ve stumbled upon in 2018

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Check out Straight to Amp on Pub Chat Podcast

We recently had the pleasure of helping our buddies from Pub Chat Podcast, Colin and Adrian wrap up their year over a few wobbly joes.

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