Lazy Sunday Playlists – 2

For something a little different here, how about some music? Starting now, and for each following week in 2019, I’m going to post a set of eight tracks from different Manitoban artists here.

Of course, there is no magic or technical process that goes into these picks. I simply like them. And if you happen to like them too, consider sending the artist some love.

Here are eight of my favorites that I’ve stumbled upon in 2018

“Ease In Me” by House Handshake (Released December 11, 2018) helped scratch the itch I’ve had waiting for them to release their upcoming EP.

“Stop Leaving Me Alone” by ATLAAS (released April 13, 2018) just sends me into my happy place. Take a listen and I’ll see you there.

Nothing makes me long for summer more than “Juniper” by Begonia (released February 10, 2017)

“Cold World” by WakeFyre (released December 8, 2017). I played this album in my car for several months straight to get me jacked up while running errands.

“Wildfire” by Bright Righteous (Published on Feb 16, 2018) always had a knack for getting in my head.

“Lazy Afternoon” by 3peat (released September 16, 2016) melded nicely with a Sunday meander around the neighbourhood.

“Spaceship/Orbit” by Marisolle Negash. I’m not actually sure how I stumbled upon this track, but I’m glad I did everytime I listen to it.

“Would You Ft Jas Mace” by Malcolm-Jay was a fun one to find on a chill Sunday afternoon.

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